Electric Mosquito Shock Killer Lamps

Electric Mosquito Shock Killer Lamps


Mosquito Shock Killer Lamps

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    Product name: Electric Mosquito Shock Killer Lamps
    Condition: 100% Brand New
    Color: white, black
    Rated current: 0.3A
    Rated power: 4.5W
    Rated voltage: 5V
    Size: 12 * 20cm

    1.Soft light and work quietly, Power consumption is very low.
    2.Light media mosquito, 360° LED light source trapping, soft light is not hurt, no radiation, no pollution.
    3.Wind suction mosquito, DC fan produce whirlpool airflow, strong suction will be close to the mosquito inhalation mosquito box.
    4.Can cover 20-60 square meters, for living room, bedroom, study office, etc.
    5.Environmentally friendly physical mosquito, light induced inhalation, no noise.
    6.Anti-escape set mosquito box, mosquitoes were inhaled into the mosquito box, and then dehydrated and died.
    7.Connect it to any device with a USB port.


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