Multi-function Double Side Glass Wiper Window Cleaner

Multi-function Double Side Glass Wiper Window Cleaner


Glass Wiper

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      Magnetic Window Cleaner is a revolutionary window cleaning system. Its powerful internal magnets lock the two sides of the cleaner together through the glass, so when you move one side, the other side follows! Now you can clean high rise windows without having to climb up a ladder or pay a window cleaner.
      You can clean skylights, patio doors, bedroom windows and even high buildings or apartment where is impossible to clean outside surface of the window glass! With Magnetic Window Cleaner in the hand, you will: Save Time, Money and Stay Safe Clean both sides of your windows at the same time No more leaning out of upstairs windows Simple and very effective, glides along glass leaving a dry clean and smear free window.

    Method of use:
    1.Rotate open it.
    2.Soak the sponge.
    3.Apply detergent evenly.
    4.Use safety rope to tie your wrist.
    5.Placed it on the glass.
    6.Wipe with the right wipe method.

    Suitable for: single glazing, double glazing, high altitude glazing, outdoor glazing ,etc


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